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hi there ~

My name is Dmitry, and I'm a CTO living in St. Petersburg. I'm really into electronics and arts, involving different aspects of the DIY culture, decentralization, and sustainable communities. I'm also trying to get along with a strong passion for analog audio-visual stuff — vinyl clicks, jamming shutters, scratched films, rainbow patches, and all that stuff.

Oneself, I'm a feminist and sex-positive polyamorous person without gender identity.

Currently, I'm taking part in 🛠️ B4CKSP4CE hackerspace, its 🚀 aerospace initiative, and 📡 Station 952 — amateur satellite monitoring & terrestrial communications station.

Feel free to drop me a message — I'd quite like to converse! Email and Telegram are nice options, but you can also reach me on shortwaves as R9OABD :)

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